The Arctic Challenge Drives CO2 Neutral.

Posted on 18/12/2019 door Jack

The world is in motion. Nature is in motion. So is the Arctic Challenge. We have had the pleasure of experiencing almost 20 years of Arctic Challenges through Scandinavia’s magnificent snowy landscape. We visit the countries’ most amazing places with our teams, and show the experience to everyone who wants to see it via social media and RTL7.

As the organisation of the Arctic Challenge, we are proud and happy to contribute to protecting our nature. The first step is to make the Arctic Challenge CO2 neutral. Not somewhere in the future, but right now! We are very proud to announce that we have started a partnership with BeautifulCups and its Rainforest Projects. As from 2020, the Arctic Challenge will be completed fully CO2 neutral!

How do we manage that?

2021 will be our 20th anniversary. Based on our many years of experience, we have collected extensive data about our teams, the participating cars and the kilometres driven. For each tour, we calculate the CO2 levels emitted, taking into account the type of cars, the mileage driven, the average fuel consumption and adding another 20%. The outcome is the CO2 tonnage to be compensated.

This CO2 compensation is based on our collaboration with BeautifulCups and its Rainforest Projects. BeautifulCups creates custom coffee cups for the Arctic Challenge to contribute to worldwide sustainable developments, including CO2 compensation. Subsequently, the organisation invests extra money in Rainforest Projects, an initiative of BeautifulCups. By having trees planted in its Rainforest projects in Tanzania and Sumatra, among other things, we compensate the emissions of the Arctic Challenge. Based on this partnership, we aim to go that extra mile. For the teams and all people watching and experiencing our great tour via social media and RTL7.

Here is a preview of