About the Highland Challenge

You’ll have to see it to believe it! The Highland Challenge is sure to be a tour that you’ll never forget. In eight days, up to 35 teams will cover between 2,000 and 2,500 kilometres, traversing the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Breath-taking views are guaranteed!

The tour revolves around different elements, most notably perseverance, companionship and clever navigation skills. The participants have to obtain their own vehicle and equipment.


The tour consists of a number of legs. At the start of every new leg, the participants are given coordinates that they must use to travel via a number of checkpoints to the finish line. They have to use clever navigation to determine the most ideal route, i.e. the route with the least amount of kilometres. A built-in track & trace allows the back office in the Netherlands to keep close track of all of the teams.

Traffic regulations

It is important to mention that this tour is definitely not about speed. As such, the organisation strictly checks whether the teams are not speeding. The teams are expected to abide by the local traffic regulations at all times. However, the organisation cannot be held liable for irresponsible and/or dangerous driving. In the event that a team exceeds the speed limit either excessively or repeatedly, they will be disqualified for the leg concerned and scrapped from the final ranking. Safety comes first, at all times.

Scottish sights

The tour also includes two rest days that will give the participants time to enjoy a taste of local Scottish culture. We will visit a number of characteristically Scottish attractions, attend the traditional Highland Games and stop by the beautiful lakes that the country is known for.

Golf competition

Great Britain has an excellent reputation when it comes to golf. There are many beautiful golf courts, often characterized by a majestic, historical club building. Scotland evidently has some of the best golf courts and is therefore often hailed as ‘The Home of Golf’.

During the Highland Challenge Tour, we will be hosting a miniature golf competition. You will play three times on several challenging courts that will need you to bring your A-game.

Based on the HCP levels of the participants, the organisation will determine whether we will be playing in one or two categories (for example, HCP 0-24 and HCP 24-1, -36).

Sign up

The tour will start on 12 June and the finish line will be reached on 20 June 2021. Only 35 teams are allowed to participate on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to be a part of this incredible experience, be quick and use the registration form to sign up!